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Co-expression Analysis

Return the highly correlated gene expression profiles according to provided probeset ID or gene expression profile. Correlation measurement can be based on either Pearson's Correlation Coefficient (a.k.a Pearson Linear Correlation) which is around mean, or Cosine Correlation which is around zero.

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Input numeric values corresponding to the experiments selected below, and in the same order. Values must be space-delimited (white space, tab, or carriage return).
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  1: Leaf   2: Petiole   3: Stem   4: Vegetative Bud
  5: Root   6: Root-0d   7: Nod4d   8: Nod10d
  9: Nod14d   10: Nodule   11: Flower   12: Pod
  13: Seed10d   14: Seed12d   15: Seed16d   16: Seed20d
  17: Seed24d   18: Seed36d
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