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Co-expression Analysis

Return the highly correlated gene expression profiles according to provided probeset ID or gene expression profile. Correlation measurement can be based on either Pearson's Correlation Coefficient (a.k.a Pearson Linear Correlation) which is around mean, or Cosine Correlation which is around zero.

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Input numeric values corresponding to the experiments selected below, and in the same order. Values must be space-delimited (white space, tab, or carriage return).
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  1: Leaf   2: Petiole
  3: Stem   4: Vegetative Bud
  5: Leaf-2HA-1wk B5   6: Leaf-2HA-1wk B5+NAA
  7: Leaf-2HA-2wk B5+NAA+BAP   8: Leaf-Jemalong-2wk B5+NAA+BAP
  9: Shoot (split-root exp)-sufficient N2   10: Shoot (split-root exp)-limited N2
  11: Shoot (split-root exp)-sufficient NH4   12: Shoot (split-root exp)-limited NH4
  13: Shoot (split-root exp)-sufficient NO3   14: Shoot (split-root exp)-limited NO3
  15: Flower   16: Seed: 10dap-late embryogenesis (heart stage)
  17: Seed: 12dap-transition phase   18: Seed: 16dap-seed filling
  19: Seed: 20dap-seed filling   20: Seed: 24dap seed filling
  21: Seed: 36dap-physiological maturity   22: Seed coat (16-24dap)
  23: Pod   24: Transg. Seed: 20-22dap (empty vector control)
  25: Transg. Seed: 20-22dap (mannan synthase)   26: Root (1cm adjacent from tip)
  27: Root (3mm tip)   28: Root
  29: Root-0dpi (nodule control)   30: Nodule-4dpi (bumps)
  31: Nodule-10dpi (mature nodules)   32: Nodule-14dpi (fixing nitrogen)
  33: Nodule-16dpi (2d after NO3 treatment)   34: Nodule-28dpi
  35: Root-denodulated   36: Split root: sufficient NH4
  37: Split root: limited NH4   38: Split root: sufficient NO3
  39: Split root: limited NO3   40: Split root: no NO3
  41: Split root (nodulating): sufficient N2   42: Split root (nodulating): limited N2
  43: Root-non-mycorrhizal   44: Root-mycorrhizal
  45: Root-0h Phymatotrichum   46: Root-72h Phymatotrichum
  47: Root-96h Phymatotrichum   48: Hairy Root-GUS (TT2 control)
  49: Hairy Root-TT2   50: Root-0h (200mM NaCl) - control
  51: Root-1h (200mM NaCl)   52: Root-2h (200mM NaCl)
  53: Root-5h (200mM NaCl)   54: Root-10h (200mM NaCl)
  55: Root-24h (200mM NaCl)   56: Cell Suspension- MeJA control (2h)
  57: Cell Suspension-MeJA (2h)   58: Cell Suspension- MeJA control (24h)
  59: Cell Suspension-MeJA (24h)   60: Cell Suspension- YE control (0h)
  61: Cell Suspension- YE control (2h)   62: Cell Suspension- YE (2h)
  63: Cell Suspension- YE control (24h)   64: Cell Suspension- YE (24h)
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